The Packer Medical Group –

The Packer Medical Group is a Nationally-Registered Medical Practice for all Federally-Regulated DOT and Non-DOT Physical Exams, as well as Drug and Alcohol Testing Collections.

We currently have two office locations:
one in The Bronx (1476 Williamsbridge Road, 10461),
and our flagship location in Brooklyn (2422 Knapp Street, Brooklyn NY 11235).

In addition to our two current locations, we also offer:
On-Site Services (for all Physicals & Drug Testing)
24-Hour Emergency Collection Services (should you require them, for your convenience).

The most exclusive and incomparable feature we provide is our Packer Company Website, to which all patient exams are securely uploaded on a daily basis. With the use of our site, authorized personnel from your company will have ease of access to the results of your employee’s physical examinations immediately upon completion of the exam.

In addition, chain of custody forms and results for drug and alcohol testing collections can be viewed immediately upon completion, allowing your organization to instantly track employee compliance and progress.

To date, we have over 350 companies — over 30,000 patients — in our current data base as current clients.

Over the years The Packer Medical Group has continuously upgraded/perfected our custom website to service your industry proficiently.

We have produced a unique system that is all encompassing for Physicals tracking and storing data securely to help companies better manage patient files and drug testing files.

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    Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant The Packer Medical Group – Posted by The Packer Medical Group
    2422 Knapp St. Brooklyn, NY 11235